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Air Conditioning Unit With Solar Power

Solar Powered Air Conditioning – What is a DC Solar Air Conditioning Unit

There is an alternative solar powered air conditioning unit offered by Securusair, that is a 48 volt DC operating system.  This unit has four 200 watt standard solar panels mounted on the roof, which charge four 12 volt deep cycle batteries.  Since this solar powered air conditioner system runs off of straight DC voltage, no power inverter is needed, which makes it much more energy efficient.

Some of the features of this unit include a brushless DC permanent magnet motor.  This unit is whisper quiet in its operation and produces up to 18,000 BTU of cooling power.  It can be purchased for as little as $3,500, depending on specials that are being offered at the time.  This unit can be run anytime, day or night, since it runs off of battery power.  This eliminates one drawback that the absorption chiller AC unit has, or you’re able to run the air conditioning when the sun isn’t shinning.  This unit can also be used as a solar air heater, although it’s main purpose is to serve as a solar powered air conditioning unit.