Solar Powered Air Conditioner


Air Conditioning Unit With Solar Power

Solar Air Conditioning Pros And Cons

A solar power air conditioning unit can be used anywhere the sun shines.  It has very low operating and maintenance expense.  Other than low amperage fan motors and small pumps that move the thermal transfer fluid from the collectors to the chiller and back, there is very little electrical energy consumed.  What little electrical energy needed can be supplied by solar panels if one desires to do so.  There isn’t a compressor required, so that is a big savings on energy consumption.

Even though solar air conditioning units work great, you may still have a need to keep a traditional gas or electric heating system.  This kind of system can also be tied into a conventional water heating system, and utilized there.  A simple solar conversion valve can be installed that connects an existing water tank to the system.  This can be a big savings on general water heating for daily use.

The biggest drawback of any solar device is that the sun doesn’t shine in the evening hours and during certain types of weather, the sun may be obscured.  However, even when it is cloudy, it is possible to get some solar production.  Cold temperatures can sometimes pose a challenge during the winter months, and it may be required to use an anti-freeze to protect the system, in some areas.

Although solar panels on an absorption chiller AC unit are made of very durable material, in the event that a tube is broken during a hail storm, or other event, the tube can easily be replaced at a minimal cost.  If one did break, it would typically only disable the single tube, instead of the entire collector.  There is also no system leak, as a result of a broken tube.

There is very little maintenance required in maintaining a solar powered air conditioner.  It is recommended that an annual assessment of the system be done to avoid any long term problems.  The warranty of solar air conditioners is normally about ten years, although, most systems will last twenty years or more.