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Air Conditioning Unit With Solar Power

Solar Powered Air Conditioner - Should You Get One?

There are several reasons to get a 2012 solar powered air conditioner, but one major reason might be your electric bill. Most people’s electric bills increase dramatically during the summer months.  Why is that?  Primarily because cooling a home is one of the biggest areas of electricity consumption.  Electric power is getting much more expensive, as the cost of fossil fuel continues to rise.  Throughout most areas of the country, electric bills have historically increased by at least 6% per year.  With other economic restraints, it’s even more important to find additional ways to cut back on home expenses. 

One area where one can cut back on expenses is by tapping into the vast source of solar energy. Solar power is unlimited since it comes from the sun.  Plus it doesn’t cost anything if you can find a way to tap into that energy.  The payback period for solar air conditioning units can be relatively short based on state and federal incentives that may be offered.  Many tax incentives are only extended to businesses.  In that case, the payback period would increase.  In some states, the pay off time may be as little as two years.  The average time for a family of four to pay off their system is between four and six years.

Solar Air Conditioning Unit Verses Installing Solar Panels

You don’t have to replace your AC unit to take advantage of solar when operating a conventional air conditioner.  If you have an older air conditioning unit, it may pay to put in a more efficient AC unit, or to look into an absorption chiller unit.

How would you like to have your electric power free?  By installing solar electric panels, you can offset your cooling expense very easily, and the true savings keeps climbing as the system is paid off.  Just think, once your solar system is paid for, it’s like getting a monthly raise on your income.  The great thing is it’s like increasing your pay without paying any additional taxes.  Eventually, your utility bill can end up being nothing.  It can easily happen.

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